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A Pinnacle?!

Seventeen years of shooting weddings and this might just be a pinnacle! What a CRACKER weekend we’ve just had with Rowan and Carl. A STUNNING wedding amongst the West Coast bush, on family land in Granity.

Without any practical alternative in the event we were to have wet weather, I was quite worried before the day, just how things would turn out. On the Coast, it can be expected! Well, I needn’t have worried as it was low 30’s, without a breath of wind, and just a perfect summer’s day. Given we also had photos at the Denniston Incline (above Westport), we must have chanced one of the few days without mist, fog or rain in that area too (anyone who has read Denniston Rose by Jenny Pattrick will know exactly the bleak reality of this area).

Guests assembled from around the globe (Norway, Sweden, UK no less too), many of whom camped on site for the weekend. The land itself had a beautiful mix of native bush, creek, and lake, that like many parts of the Coast just ‘feels right’. The service was held in the creek bed running past the main house – and surprisingly I think all 160 people managed a view from somewhere in the bush, outcrops, creek and glade surrounding the bridal party. Fun was a BIG theme of the weekend, as with the celebration of nearest and dearest. The band (not used to unrestricted noise control) rocked out hard till the wee hours on Steve and Bunny’s amazing deck. By the end of the weekend, I think people might be ready for a holiday?!

Well done guys – a beautiful setting, with beautiful people, celebrating love. Thank you for having me there.