2021 NZIPP Iris Awards Judging all Wrapped Up! - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

2021 NZIPP Iris Awards Judging all Wrapped Up!

Thanks to my fellow photographers pictured here, for such a great week in Nelson. Spending time with the NZIPP Honours and judging crew here has been such an absolute blast. The talent and professionalism shown by all, makes the award process such educational and enjoyable event. While at times, it can be long & tiring, it remains one of the highlights of my year.
Congratulations to all entrants who all achieved their goals, where your hard work and creativity may have indeed been realised.
Encouragement to those who may not enjoyed the same success. (I know the feeling all too well over the years!). Hang in there, grow, & learn. Aim to get back up, and better yourself next year. A wee quote for inspiration!
I can’t way to see everyone again next – thanks all ?