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Incredible Fiordland

Am not long back from an amazing adventure with two fellow photographers. Thank you for the invite, the opportunity, and the chance to recharge with some amazing photographic minds.
While some of the exact details might remain somewhat a mystery, we managed an extraordinary weather window, in order to fly high up in the mountains near Milford Sound.
We camped up at some altitude, all rugged up in our woollies, with freeze dried goodies, dripping in blaze orange (well just normal clothes for Glen!), armed to the teeth with camera kit!
At various stops before and after we had plenty of encounters with Kea. A truly beautiful native bird, whose majesty is fully apparent when in flight, when such rich colour under their wings is visible.
We were also very lucky (at lower altitudes at least) to get Mt Cook daisies out in peak bloom. Interestingly, I dont recall ever having seen these in person. Plus a very large bull chamois, and sneaky in camera double exposure.
Here are some of the lads hard at work!