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Can you pick the city?

Well, it is probably not that hard, when I am a CHCH photographer, the sun is shining, and you can make out the Alps behind. But seeing the central city from the air is a bit hard to comprehend these days. There isn’t a lot left when you see it like this.

These were only taken a matter of hours ago, and clearly show why we are the new car park capital of the world. And to think, one year, nine months after the Feb quake, there are still a couple of hundred buildings STILL TO COME DOWN!

Above CPIT looking NW down High St towards CBD.

Central city, from above Madras / Barbadoes St looking NW. Latimer Sq on right.

Avon area of CBD looking south. Gloucester & Armagh St's lead into town, Madras St runs along the bottom, Latimer Sq appears in bottom left, Oxford Tce & Avon river lower right.