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ANZAC Memory

Nothing to do with photography, but a lovely little reflection that I came across on ANZAC Day. In fact, I was so taken by it, I went back last week to photograph what I saw.

Left at my local war memorial in Halswell, was a small bunch of handpicked garden flowers, loosely tied with a handwritten note written on a piece of scrap corrogated card. The writing may not be clear from the photo, so I will transcribe the passage here.

“To the everlasting memory to my beloved friend (named) killed in Faenza Italy aged 20yrs by machine gun fire while attached to a Gurkha patrol. Fondly remembered by (named, with address). Lest we forget.”

NZ troops fought at Faenza late in 1944, yet 66 years later the memory of losing his mate is still strong for this elderly serviceman. I was very moved to read this, had a tear in my eye.

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