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August – where did that go?

Seriously where has August gone? Tomorrow is the 30th, and we are two days from the official start of spring. I must admit I try to add regular entries on my blog, but sometimes life just catches up. That has certainly been the case this month.

I have been north, been south, up mountains, in holes, standing up, lying down, shooting, editing, teaching, learning… You name it, in the last few weeks I think I have been doing it. But, I love it and would be nowhere else.

Annual awards loom in only a few weeks, and I must admit, I think I might be paying late fees this year. Things are not exactly on schedule on that front. Fortunately all client work is – phew!!

I did have a great day last Friday when NZ Olympians came to CHCH for their welcome parade. As part of general community events that day, and Olympic sponsorship commitments, several athletes went to the IHC Centre in Riccarton. It was a great afternoon, seeing the residents so genuinely excited in their passion for the achievements of our athletes. Well done to all athletes, officials, residents and staff for very humbling, and thoroughly enjoyable time.