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Aurora Australis – nearly!

Over the past few years, I have been quite intrigued by Aurora. Subsequently I have taken some time to try and understand space weather, and the conditions that will cause a display of night lights.

Yet the more I have tried, the harder it seems to be! With an eye on various monitoring forums, there seems a be a whole myriad of factors that will determine the success of any attempt. Yet like many things, patience is a virtue. In the long run when you do get to see an Aurora in Canterbury, the wonder is truly to behold.

Anyway, here’s a 13 sec timelapse of the Aurora Australis taken last night out at Birdlings Flat, captured from ~10pm to midnight. The peak was around 11pm (or 6sec on this clip), but was sadly washed out by such strong moonlight. Otherwise it would have been quite a dramatic display for such a high latitude.