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Aurora Australis

Last week was a great chance to see just what Mother Nature is capable of (April 16th 2015). Looking at some of the scientific data, it seemed that we might be in luck to see the Aurora Australis. So I headed up to the Summit Road on the Port Hills here in Christchurch.

It was actually quite a special combination of factors to see such clear activity at this latitude – low intensity moon, cloudless sky, clear weather, active space weather and sun activity, plus being a decent time of night. I was home by 10.30pm. Thank goodness for daylight saving.


Self portrait of me ‘at work’!

Aurora Australis Port Hills CHCH April 17th 2015


Here is a time lapse taken in conjunction. Sorry, it’s a bit rough, as I had to keep cleaning fog / dew from the lens, and I think that bumped my camera a couple of times! But you get the picture. How lucky we are to witness such a natural phenomena huh?! This can be a bit addictive.