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Aurora Max

Two night’s ago was a top night for Aurora watchers. Fairly late warning came through from various space reports, but index levels were as good as you get anytime in NZ. While these shots have been amplified by longer exposures in camera, there were faint rays visible to the naked eye – which in these latitudes is very rare.

The panorama was taken Birdlings Flat, right on moon rise around 10.30pm. Sadly this was about 1/2 hr too late, after the vivid test shots I took on route to see what was happening. Sadly that was when the solar storm was peaking, and the two rushed shots on the roadside were actually very majestic. Note, the right hand side of panorama, shows street lights – the auroral glow is central!

Plus I just thought this was neat when packing up, with the light fall from my car!