Autumn Glory - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

Autumn Glory

With a few days spare, and autumn highlights about to launch into a sea of punchy colour, I decided it was time to head off on a wee road trip. I often note places of interest, and location ideas, watching years sometime for the opportunity to revisit. Sometimes better lighting, better weather, more time, more colour, less colour, more mood, less mood…

So I took off south a series of locations that I wanted to visit, and raced around like a mad thing.

Quite a few of the shots here are from Nevis Valley, between Bannockburn and Garston. A harsh wonderful part of NZ, that is steeped in mining and rural history.

It’s quite rough going, and in fact it simply would not be possible during much of winter.

Nevis road in autumn.


Old miners hut, Nevis valley.

Old wagon, Welshtown, Bendigo.

Nevis post office.

Farm shed Lindis Pass.

Lake Tekapo reflections.


Lake Dunstan with autumn willows.

Brass monkey site, Oturehua, Central Otago.

Quaint store, Central Otago. Another shot up road sign.

Stewart's Creek, Nevis Valley.

Top of Nevis pass.

Shot up road signs, southern end of Nevis valley access road.

Lake Benmore on dusk.

Willows with in camera movement.

Catlins coast at dawn.


Powerlines in fog, Catlins.


Mataura bridge.


The allure of heartland NZ has always held a bit of a fascination. The old and historic, the quirky and the ironic. A bit like this shot below. Someone is living the suburban dream with their white picket fence, yet rit emains a somewhat weathered shipping container rather than the usual bright and fresh weatherboard house you’d expect to see!

Picket fence house, living the suburban dream Southland.

Back in 5 years, Central Otago shop sign.

Old tractor in shed Catlins.

House with newpaper curtains.

Domino's van matching dumpster colours.

Open planned living in derelict hut, Oturehua.

Please enjoy. These are just a few shots taken, of many many more. Award and fine art prints to follow.