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BJ & Simon, George and the Quake

One of the things I actually enjoy the most about photography is the visual problem solving, and challenge of thinking on your feet. I used to get stressed by it, but with over a decade shoot experience I now cherish it. In this case of yesterday’s wedding, it rained virtually all day. Being
autumn and without daylight saving, dreary afternoon’s like that are both quite dark and cold.
Yet the challenge remains the same – to come up with magic photos people will cherish for a long time.

To BJ & Simon’s credit, they had booked the George Hotel, which is a pleasure to work in. It is modern, well designed, upmarket – and the only hotel in the central city still operating after the Feb quake.

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Yet the night wasn’t without drama. Just before 6pm, we had another aftershock. It turned out to be a magnitude 5.3, and as a local used to recent shaking, you knew at the time it was more than your usual little jiggle. I guess too being three floors up, the sensation might be heightened. Nevertheless it was a fright for many. Jared Waddams was shooting video, and was fortunate to have his camera rolling, as the bridal party was preparing to start the reception. You can see his footage here.

Video : Jared Waddams.

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It isn’t too apparent here, but many tables had to be re-covered from the spilt drinks. We had a hour or so to wait, while staff did their checks. The hotel had to be assessed any damage, chefs make sure they hadn’t lost any food, and many guests needed time to make phone calls to babysitters etc. Yet fresh from their CHCH concert, out popped the Wiggles at Reception!! That was a timely appearance and the source of a few laughs with the bridal party.

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