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… Bob Tulloch.

The winner of the documentary category was a worthy Bob Tulloch, of Tauranga.

Bob submitted a folio of work taken during the 150th celebrations of the Battle of Gate Pa.
Of all the people to bow out to, I am pleased it was Bob. Bob has been a hard working, and an ever present member of the Institute of Professional Photographers for some decades. While that doesn’t have any bearing on the judging criteria for award prints, it nevertheless remains a salient reward for someone with his dedication. I also owe Bob a measure of gratitude, as the Brooks Institute scholarship in Santa Barbara that I received some years back, was entirely due to the relationship that he had nurtured with The Brooks Institute.

While I was pleased to collect some print awards (1 Silver Distinction, 2 Silver, 5 Bronzes), it was actually something different that meant the most to me. I took immense joy this last week seeing the cumulation of our ANZAC project in printed form. On display in Rotorua was a selection large prints on display (courtesy of Sean Dick at Evoke Imagery), and a beautifully printed proof book (courtesy of Queensberry). With ~1600 WWII veterans captured from about NZ, the scale of what we achieved hit home.

It has been a mammoth effort, that has taken a lot of volunteer time. The fact our last opportunity was right NOW was not lost on people. If left for any longer to roll out, we simply wouldn’t be able to produce a project like this – the veterans of this era just won’t be round for that much longer. I actually had a few tears when viewing the proof book (sorry Esther & Kaye, though to sure, it could have also been the sulphur!) . We really have left a piece of history for our nation.

For that I am very, very proud.