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Brilliant Young Designers

Every year I help third year Fashion students at CPIT with their end of year fashion show, PITCH. As part of their studies they learn all they can about design, garment production and the fashion industry at large. They work their butts off. REALLY – they work damn hard. (I have a lot of respect for the hours you guys put in all year. Critics of Gen Y & their work ethic will find peace here!!).

As part of their course they also look at peripheral trades such as models, hair/ make up, photography etc. That is where I help. I will paste some of their work below. Actually, I just help with lighting and photography kit – they do the rest. This is all behind the scenes, pre-show, on the night. This is not a leisurely shoot – students have 15mins max, up to 10 models, and a whole range of garment combinations to feature. Full credit to all students this year for the professionalism shown in attitude, punctuality and preparedness. Models are usually associates rather than professional models. This make their achievements even more deserving (models and designers both that is).

Despite my image borders, photocredits here to go Gracie Whiteman, Katrina Brown, & Megan Woodhouse respectively.




Each year the show just gets bigger & better. PITCH is a full scale production held at the CHCH Convention Centre. This is a sell out event that includes seating for several hundred, a full size catwalk, dramatic lighting, suround sound, and a total theatrical experience. Great work all students, models, make up, hair stylists and production crew. You have a lot to be proud of.

Look out next year – it is recommended booking tickets well in advance.