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I’m kind of in two minds. Should I… shouldn’t I…. should I… shouldn’t I…. but hey, it’s not my secret to keep.

One of the most stunning parts of NZ I think is the Catlins. I have been a few times, and this summer took the family for some time out. It is a rugged part of NZ, on the coast as you drive between Balclutha and Invercargill. The fact remains, not many folk bother to go to Invercargill for starters, and even fewer head along the Coast. Yet if these beaches were Paihia or Mahia, there would be hundreds flocking to enjoy them. The scenery is majestic, and the wildlife a glimpse into a New Zealand of old. Hectors Dolphin’s, sea lions, yellow eyed penguins are just some of the delights that abound.
It’s history is one littered with shipwrecks, tales of pioneering saw milling, of farming hardship, of railways, of sealers and whalers… the list goes on. Add to that the 160million year old petrified forest at Curio Bay. Try explaining that to the kids!!

It is a unique part of both Otago and Southland (it straddles both provinces).
It is a part of NZ where cheese rolls feed empty stomachs, where honesty boxes rule, and folk have time to look after their neighbour.

Yet sadly, also a part of NZ whose economic heyday has past. I hope that tourism will bring some prosperity, but not spoil its charm. (At risk of digressing, I wasn’t overly impressed at the antics of some freedom campers. I can kind of understand now some of Marcus Lush’s distain for them).

It is well worth a look, but once you have been, you’ll know what I mean…should I… shouldn’t I…

Cathedral Cove, Catlins.

Purakanui Falls, Catlins.

Near Gore.