Central Otago April 2019 - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

Central Otago April 2019

I’ve just been down in Central Otago, which is one of my favourite places in NZ – especially at this time of year. The colours, the history, the people… all add up to being quite an intriguing place. There is an honesty there. I am not sure if it is the climate, or the hardy rural stock who look after each other and just get on with things. It reminds me how I think NZ was. There is certainly quite a sense of nostalgia that I find just attracts me. I love exploring, to see what I can find. But the best thing is, its fill of wee treasures and gems. I would love to share some here with you. (Please note – everything featured here is accessible to the public, or in a couple of places, where permission was freely provided where I felt it better to check).

Despite the vivid autumn colours, black and white is equally stunning.


Inspired by Robin Morrison’s work from the 1980’s, I love the mix of history, architecture, colour and form.