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Champion Canterbury

Back on deck after a short break from web activities.

Life has certainly remained busy. As always in photography, it is not just the here and now that keeps you occupied, but an eye on the year ahead. I have been formulating several brochure layouts for future marketing, as well as starting to plan for the start of weddings. Add to that some dSLR video training, award ideas, usual hours at CPIT, plus a mixture of new commercial, school and function work.

Last week also featured the first meeting as part of my new role on the NZIPP Honours Council. This is the workhorse behind the annual professional photography awards. Already a year out, we are looking to the 2012 Awards in Christchurch. It will be a pleasure to be part of a well oiled team, that is now a slick operation thanks to endless hours of earlier volunteer work, and the recent IT upgrade. The awards process is constantly under review, the hope being to provide the best medium to celebrate photographic excellence in this country. For interested folk, do keep September 20th-22nd clear next year, and pop along to the Chateau on the Park in CHCH.

Last night I had the pleasure to photograph at the Champion Canterbury Awards. While this is an annual event, the significance this year was unique given the quake turmoil of the last twelve months. The Canterbury Chamber of Commerce run the event, and this year paid particular attention to the areas of resilience, creativity, leadership, exporting and well being.

With the PM, MP’s, CERA staff, & City Councillors amongst the 1200 attendees, it was truly a celebration of Cantabrian spirit. I always get a bit uneasy that resilience in the face adversity is something that is particularly Cantabrian. I think that any community faced with natural disaster has the ability to develop coping mechanisms. Yet with strong leadership, & an even stronger sense of community care (stemming I think from our rural, pioneering roots), we do have a lot to be proud of. It was a credit to the Chamber to celebrate & expose some truly heart warming Canterbury businesses.