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CHCH 2021

I have had a bit of time off from keeping my blog updated. Largely due to the fact I tend update in the evenings on laptop, and my laptop has been in for repair.

(Now that is a different story…
Despite proof of purchase for both my Applecare warranty and Mac Book Pro, I ended up in discussions with Apple reps of out Singapore and the USA in order to have the warranty honoured. Seems the shop where I bought these either inputed the wrong serial number, or someone had otherwise used my warranty number as their own. My gut feeling is a rogue store employee.

I was first told to speak to the store where I bought this originally. Not easy when that store is now a big pile of rubble, and my wayward warranty isn’t exactly on their radar!! You read in the paper all the corporate condolence notices, and how they empathise and would bend over backwards to help folk in CHCH. A pity when the rubber hits the road, that this sense of urgency and desire to help doesn’t exactly manifest itself. Yet a big thank you to David at Youbee in Wellington for doing all he could to get repairs underway. THANK YOU!).

I would also like to pass on my sincere thanks to all friends, family, clients and general browsers who have passed on their thoughts after reading posts here. I do appreciate all of those. Yet most of all is the ability to trade through difficult times, and the continued enquiries for work. Photography is what I am passionate about, and trust this is not lost on you. I am extremely thankful that after several challenging weeks, & after some degree of earthquake fatigue, that life has started to get back to normal. To resume trading and serve my valued clients means a lot to me. Thank you.

I honestly feel very lucky. I have my house, my family, and my job. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it this is survivor guilt, but I am certainly conscious of the hardships facing others. I can only hope that how I can help, is to remain positive, and keep alive an exciting vision for the future.

I think that the rebuild of CHCH is now as much about attitude and vision. If I can add something as small as a positive outlook, I hope this may help in some small way. I honestly feel that the CHCH of 2021 will be world leading city. Not just a few nice buildings, but whole city blocks. We have the chance to add in technology infrastructure, transport innovation, & funky architecture. We have an opportunity to revitalise a city, a chance afforded to very few in history. That vision needs businesses, inhabitants, supporters.

Count me in for that.