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City Mall

I went into City Mall for the first time, since it reopened last week.
I have to say it was quite an odd feeling, but I was very impressed. There were a heap of people – both shoppers, and workmen alike.

The thought of a container precinct probably has to be seen to be understood. It has been done very well. A combination of modern architectural design, industrial functionality, landscape gardening – quite a vision of inner city planning.

The initial success of the CCC ‘Share an Idea’ campaign, has been tinged lately with private sector and insurance industry uncertainty. Having seen the inner city development today, I realise the value of vissionaries, and wiser folk who can have the ‘bigger picture’ in mind.

I guess it is a bit like the Rugby World Cup proposal 5 years ago. We were all a bit worried that the government’s financial commitment was excessive, that there wouldn’t be the numbers to make it work, the benefits would be few… The reality was that it worked, and someone had faith early on.

City Mall, CHCH

City Mall, CHCH.

City Mall, CHCH.

Colombo St, bet Tuam and St Asaph.