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Come on NZ, you can do it!

I seriously do not cope well with mindless bureaucracy, and inefficient processes, especially for a simple task when trying to do the right thing.

So I need a new piece of kit, and have been looking around for the one I am after on line. Where I can, I try to support local / NZ suppliers. But what do you think of this?

I went to the manufacturer’s webpage, and found the NZ agents. Sure enough, the one I was after was there, but without pricing information. To get pricing you need to log on as a user. To log in as a user, you need account. So I emailed off. Then, whoa behold, I needed to fill in an 8 page application to get an account? WHAT – ARE YOU KIDDING??
I am dead keen to order from a NZ supplier, but really – an 8 page application?

I have the choice to order elsewhere, most probably from a number of on-line stores, many of whom are based overseas. In the time I have spent even writing this post, I would have been able to order what I have needed, and have it arrive as quick as if ordered within NZ. In fact, probably quicker by the time my 8 page application was ‘processed’. Sadly I suspect, it would probably be cheaper.

I really think that as photography has had to adapt to huge change in the last decade, retailers and wholesalers also need to move with the times. If NZ agents are to keep up with the likes of B&H (photo retailer in New York), surely they need to remove these sort of barriers. There are moans and groans, that times are tough, and online sales are killing retail. But I think retailers can do a lot better in helping themselves.

Come on NZ, you can do it!