Covid-19 - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.


Covid 19 has placed us in unprecedented times. Here at Photoshots, myself and my staff are taking all reasonable steps to monitor the situation and do our bit to assist public health proceedings.

I won’t be emailing customers. Like you, my inbox has been filled with people telling me they are properly washing their hands! I hate to think just what they were doing before – haha!

With that said, in all seriousness, we put into place several measures to try to reduce the possible spread of this virus by way of work routine, sanitizer protocols, movement of gear on location etc.This will remain our priority as the situation develops. We will do our bit to try and ‘flatten the curve’.

In the meantime, Photoshots remains open as a business. We welcome you continued support, as I fear this will be a tough one, and restrictions with us for some time.