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Driving Miss Daisy

I like to be organised, and when it comes to writing new blog content, I get equally anxious when things go a bit pear shaped. Particularly having long gaps between posts. I can only apologise to the regular followers!

The last few weeks have been truly manic, for all manner of reasons. There have been some long shoot days, many hours in post production, equally many hours in pre-production, plus a number of enquiries for upcoming photography. As a result I have managed to keep my head above water, but at the expense of ‘non-essential’ tasks.

In the mix, has also been CHCH Show Week with all manner of associated events, the start of the seasonal Christmas parties (no, not as a guest, but working!!), end of year CPIT material, as well as preparing to head overseas. (More on that to follow).

But one of the biggest things has not been photographic. Just yesterday we received our new car, that signals the official start of my wife’s new business. We have bought a ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ franchise, that has us both really excited.

This is a new concept for NZ, and like the movie of the same name, is a companion driving service. While largely targeting a growing elderly market, it is also a valuable resource for ACC clients, working parents, or for out of town family not able to regularly keep a caring eye on loved ones.

We look forward to building a regular client base for Jacqui, and for anyone who lives in the Casmmere area who may need a hand, do feel free to call – 03 423 9778. At this time of year, we are expecting to help a lot of folk getting hair done, buying Xmas presents, & going to the Dr. Unlike a taxi though, the role of the ‘Daisy’, is to help in every possible way. That will include helping lock up the house, waiting at the Dr, helping get prescriptions, mobility assistance in and out of the house – even wrapping Xmas presents!

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy