Drum roll please..... - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

Drum roll please…..

Wow, what a week.

I think that was like a black hole in my life, a blur on the landscape of being. Yet a tremendous time to be able to share a week with some pretty cool people.

Being on the Honours Council requires hard work, and a lot of dedication. But the rewards are equally matched. Just being party to the judge off for Photographer of the year has to be a highlight. To have five of NZ and Australia’s finest judges, deliberate and articulate for an hour about the four finalists work was a privilege (this I must add is done behind closed doors, and is adjudicated by Honours). This was intellectual, artistic and creative discussion at the highest level.

A massive congratulations to Kaye Davis, who won the NZIPP / Epson 2013 Photographer of the Year. She was genuinely unaware that was a possibility, having been distracted by her Gold wins, and pending Grand Master. It took a bit of work behind the scenes to cover our tracks, and keep a weary on on just what paper was passing our tables. When there are only four of us on Honours (including Kaye), there are not many ways to keep secrets !

In terms of my results,

1  Gold

1  Silver Distinction

3  Silver

2 Bronze

That’s 7 awards out of eight entries. But better than that, I managed to make it as a finalist in two categories (top 3) – Travel, and Wedding Classic.

Even better…. (I know, I know it doesn’t stop there!)… was a whopping TWO bars to Fellow.

I have never considered Grand Master to be in my realm. Not now! I think I might push hard, and see what happens. It just got an awfully lot closer, and for the first time something that might make it on my radar. To date there have only been 6 Grand Masters awarded in NZ, actually 8 after two more last night. These are the rock stars of photography, and the people we all respect immensely.

I write this still in Auckland, about to head home to family. The kids I am sure think Dad has just been away on holiday! I think I will need a week to recover. Alas, I don’t think that is on the radar!