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Emily & Duncan

Where to start, and what can I say.


Despite shooting weddings for 17yrs, I think Saturday was a very special day. To have the union of two special people and the gathering of two beautiful families is one thing. But add into the mix some mad Aussies, and the salubrious Otahuna Lodge, and you have one AMAZING wedding.

Otahuna Lodge has to be the closest thing NZ has to an English stately home, or French Chateau. I’ve been to weddings in both. It is truly gorgeous – the wood, the history, the elegance, the service, the food, the grounds, the decor, the architecture…. it is simply the whole package.

But most of all it is the people. Thank you to the Cummings for having me along, as the association photographing family milestones is treasured. Thank you.

This is also one of the longest slideshows I have ever made, in part, testament to the huge volume of stunning content I couldn’t help capturing! Please enjoy, and turn the volume up loud!!