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Export Awards

One of the really neat things about photography is the range of people I get to meet. Particularly those who have something important to offer, or those active in the direction of this country. Over the years, I have learnt a great deal at industry conferences, awards dinners and keynote presentations. While some industry specific presentations are beyond me, others are most intriguing ie accountants conference where you actually learn about immigration policy and the effect this has on the economic wheels of Treasury. The sort of thing you don’t really get informed about in the general media, but provides a clear understanding for ‘ahh, that’s why they are doing…”.

Likewise last week was John Key and his address to Canterbury Exporters about the ETS, and the philosophical benefits this has for our nation (note, forecast pay rises for politicians wasn’t mentioned!). I find it very enlightening to hear such influencial folk provide an insight into their spheres of influence. Included last week were the likes of John Allen, (ex NZ Post, now CEO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade) & Frank Owen (CEO, Tait Radio Communications).

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Quirky photo, shot between evening sessions at AMI stadium.