Q. When should we be booking you?

A. Earlier the better! If you have the advantage of time when planning your wedding, I would suggest booking a year in advance in order to secure your date. Some couples book two years in advance, others have booked with a fortnight left to go. There is always the chance a date remains available – you just need to ask. It does seem that Fridays and Saturdays in January and February, Valentines Day, and weekends close to the daylight saving changeovers are always popular.

Getting in as soon as you get engaged usually saves a lot of grief. You may find some suppliers can help on one day, some another, and you are left with a dilemma as to what services are most important.

The most important part of booking a photographer, is to secure your proposed wedding date. As long as you are happy with all the options, you can finalise your exact package choice later. Any booking made now locks in all package costs, leaving you the certainty of deciding your package nearer the time. Full booking paperwork is provided – a receipt for your deposit, copy of booking forms, and a letter of confirmation.

You may wish to book via the internet, in which case I can send the appropriate forms. If you are in Christchurch, you are most welcome to meet in person to discuss ideas, see albums, portfolio work etc.

Q. What if our planned wedding date is beyond the wedding season noted in the packages here?

A. That is fine. I can supply information if I have it on hand for future seasons. Otherwise bookings taken beyond ~1.5yrs have full right of review until exact package details are confirmed. Packages are advertised at least a year ahead.

Q. Who will photograph our wedding?

A.  This can be your choice. In the first instance, I will be available to help you. Yet at all times you have the choice of other staff. Where you may wish to consider another shooter, you just need to ask. Where I am unavailable, this will also be made known from your first contact. At NO stage will you be unsure who will be shooting your wedding. It is important to build a relationship with your photographer, so this will start from your first enquiry.

Q. Do you provide videography services?

A.  At this point in time, no. Yet will happily recommend reliable videographers who will able to help you there.

Q. Will you travel out of town?

A.  Yes, for sure. Frequently we work about Canterbury and the wider South Island. This does add some additional cost, & can be priced on request. Elsewhere in NZ & Australasia (inc Pacific Islands) is also possible pending availability for travel.

Q. Can we have black and white coverage?

A.  Yes. Though this remains a choice in post production after you get your proof portfolio. All photographs are captured digitally, in high resolution, in colour. The print series you have included with each package option, is yours to print as you wish. You have the option of colour, black and white, sepia, white borders or black borders.

Q. When can we expect to get our proof portfolio / prints / album?

A.  All proof portfolios are produced in order to have ready for hand-over within 3 weeks (or 15 working days). Practically, a two week turnaround is common.

Officially, albums are produced within 6 weeks of your sign off (or 40 working days). Practically however, most albums are produced sooner, around 3-4 weeks.

Prints are produced within two weeks, though sometimes as soon as two days!

Q. Can we get our wedding files on disk?

A. Yes for sure. You can choose to add a high resolution disk, of all files for immediate supply, with any package option. In addition all packages now have a selection of low res files also included for immediate release – perfect for email, Facebook, iPhones etc.

Q. How much time should we allow for ‘formal’ or main bridal party photos?

A. We would like to have 1.5hrs working time with the bridal party on location, plus travel. Commonly this works out about 2 hrs inclusive of localised travel. This would be after you have had a mingle with guests after your ceremony (~10 mins), and have had your family combinations taken (~30 mins). Please feel free to ask about key timings. As an experienced professional, I will gladly assist where I can. I know it is hard when you may not have planned a wedding before.

Q. Can we shoot these photos before the ceremony?

A. You sure can. This can provide a solution where you may have planned a late ceremony, or do not wish to be away from guests for very long. Yet is up to you. I do find that many couples actually prefer to see each other for the first time at the actual ceremony.

Q. What is the best contact for you?

A. Email is often best. I am often on location, in meetings, with family, or generally busy! Feel free to email, and I will be in touch usually the same day. (This will also save calling you at some untimely hour if you are overseas, or if I am tied up till late!).