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Farewell to Rob

It is a sad loss that Rob Burrough will be leaving Linwood College at the end of this term. It seems only the other day that I starting shooting for Rob, but on reflection we concluded it has been all of 10 years!

Rob has been an extremely influencial Principal, and instrumental in re-branding Linwood College. Many people’s perception of the school date to a bygone era, or their personal attribution of Linwood as a suburb of Christchurch. Yet the success rates, and general changes in the school, over the last ten years have been remarkable. Rob, along with the support of his Board, staff and management team, has truly effected change for a generation of students. His quiet manner has been staggeringly effective, and highly respected. It has been my pleasure to have been asked to play a small part in his vision for Linwood College.

Rob will leave CHCH to take up the role of Head at Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, Kenya. This is a non-denominational academy that aims to develop education in Africa (and Asia), based on the International Baccalaureate framework.

Rob Burrough

Rob Burrough