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Fiordland 2017

Back in June, I managed a return journey to Fiordland, five years after our first ever visit to that part of the country. Previously post-earthquake, it was a chance to get a group of mates away to just hang out. Sort of post quake ‘life is for living’ sort of thing. We had such a good time, we thought, ‘Ummm, maybe we should do it all again’! The risk was it wouldn’t ever be as good, and maybe fall a bit flat. Well, we didn’t have to worry!

Despite being 7 nights this time, (the last was 5), we had a complete blast. Chris and the boat was just as good, and this time we managed to push a bit further south. Despite not catching a deer, we did spent more time ashore trying. The bush was so dense, we feared the deer just had to lie still and we would probably never even know they were there, as we walked through such thick bush. Those we did see were mostly ~400m away, so was always a bit ambitious. Well, that is how we consoled ourselves for missing! Yet we made up for in seafood, freshly brewed craft beer, fine whiskey and home cooked bread!

Will we wait another 5yrs? Ummm…..