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For he’s a …

… fellow!

I’m so stoked. I’ve just come back from Queenstown, from the annual NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Photography) photography awards and conference. What a neat time. Between the amazing talent on show, the majestic landscape of Queenstown, and a week of talking shop, I need a holiday!

Especially pleasing was a host of merits gained in the awards. One gold no less, that was the clincher in gaining my Fellowship (until the introduction of Grand Master for the first time this year, this has traditionally been the highest award honour within the NZIPP).

Gold Award NZIPP Landscape

Photographic purists will be happy to note this was shot totally as found in-situ, and has minimal post production input.


Here the CHCH crew celebrate at the awards dinner, their assortment of newly gained merits.