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Good Solid Kiwiana

Between the Motukarara Races Family Day, The International Buskers Festival, the Banks Peninsula A&P Show, the last weekend of the Ron Mueck exhibition, it has been quite a weekend for central Canterbury.

Other than some magic performers at the Buskers Festival, I must mention the Banks Peninsula A&P show. I have always enjoyed this Show for its classic kiwiana, and genuine rural sentiment. It isn’t big, but has sufficient variety make for a great family excursion. I really like it is the local playgroup fundraising, the local volunteer fire brigade manning the sausage sizzle, the 6yr old farm boy pushing his pet sheep about the ring… Kiwiana at its best.

Rural lifestyle is proudly on display, kiwi humour is at its best, with classic rural understatement all rolled together. Judges in the ram pen were discussing the winners, when one turns to other in exclamation, “S&*#, should we be writing this down?!”. It’s the two sheep from the sheep dog trials jumping the fence at the far end and take to parading in the main ring, much to everyone’s delight. Hardy men, some in their 70’s, woodchopping. The sheep dog waiting patiently for its owner outside the produce hall, with a handwritten sign tacked on the door “Closed for judging”.

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