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Hard Case Moment

We all had a bit of a laugh this week. The Prime Minister was in CHCH for a function, and we had just finished a quick shoot elsewhere at the premises that he was opening. We all took the lift to go up to the main function. I jumped out to get ahead of the main party, but was immediately taken by surprise by a squeal behind me.

A shift change by the catering staff, saw a different lady on meet and greet duty, at the lift entrance. I suspect she was was not fully aware of just who was coming! The squeal was of utter astonishment by this poor lady, as the Prime Minister greeted her enthusiastically as he made his way out of the lift. Followed by her complete embarassment given her astonished reaction having just met the PM in person.

Yet everyone had a good laugh, and the PM to his credit spend a bit of time putting her back at ease.