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Have you heard of Te Hono?

On Tuesday, rather than a self-designated day off (in celebration of quite some years on this planet!), I ended up working at a conference, for the Te Hono movement.

I have never heard of it.

There were no TV cameras. There was no media buzz. But over 90% of our country’s primary industries were meeting. Our biggest collection of CEO’s and business entrepreneurs getting together to talk and inspire, directed by Stanford University.

Think TED Talk for our key industry leaders & businesses. But it isn’t just a one off forum. It is an ongoing programme, with annual bootcamps of NZ attendees going to Stanford University. This really is a Movement, a private initiative, supported by government. THIS is what will take our country into the future, create wealth, and lead us into world markets while returning to sustainability and environmental ethics. It is EXCITING to know we have leadership, desire for change, and a real movement to make our country smarter. It is heavily respectful of Maori, well integrated with tertiary leadership, and totally about embracing change / disruptive technology.

So when you read all the doom and gloom on the news, it is reassuring to know we have a wealth of people working, and thinking, about new ways of doing business in the future. That’s inspiring.