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Kathryn and Richard

Boy, when the Easterly bites in autumn you know about it. But warm at heart was the wedding of Kathryn and Richard at the weekend. Despite the juggling of venues, they had a perfect day and everything went just to plan. Phew!!

Good on the Anglican church in Halswell (St Marys) opening up their door to a Catholic service, transferred after quake damage at St John of God. I have a lot of respect for that, and think that is true spirit of religion in practise. Good work. After a recent Catholic wedding experience I am not so sure how the boot would fit on the other foot, bit that is another story!!

Kathryn managed some nice girly indulgences thanks to the luxury of Huntley House beforehand (wow, what a neat spot).

Richard managed to get a rugby theme for part as well. Good work to Graeme and his staff at the new Vineyard @ Rossendale. I have the utmost respect for his work and that of his team.

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