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Lancaster Park

Hot on the heels of my previous Hanmer post, I had privileged access to another abandoned facility last week. It is the sort of place that I love to shoot, and the fact I had clients requiring photographic services there, was a huge bonus.

It is with a degree of interest I noted that AMI Stadium was referred by it’s original title, Lancaster Park, in the documentation I received ahead of visiting last week. In the interest of politics and general sensitivities after the quake, I believe this is the preferred title amongst the delegation I was embedded with last week.

It is hard to imagine this stadium, virtually new at the time of the quakes, now sitting abandoned, slowly transforming itself into a post-apocolyptic movie set. I did joke at one point this would make a great Zombie set, or sequel to the movie ’28 Days Later’.

Beyond the warmth of a bright spring day, the lower areas have a noticeably cooler feel.

Some areas are void of any noticeable presence, while in others, plant stock, catering equipment and stadium seating lies stacked, awaiting judgement on its future.

Umm, this is what 3.5 year old potato top savouries look like (just in case you ever had reason to contemplate such a picture!)

Yet sadly, not all the damage has been caused by earthquakes. For the few opportunistic bottom feeders of our society, the quakes were an unprecedented chance to run wild while chaos prevailed. Vandalism amongst the corporate boxes can be seen here where people who broke in, pretty much any way they could. While cans of soft drink and juice lay scattered about unopened, there is no such sign that any alcohol stock has been left untouched. Where locked doors prevented easy access, walls were hammered in to force entry through gib linings.