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Larcomb’s Vineyard

I headed out on Friday evening to Larcomb’s Vineyard, invited to the launch of the new White Tie Catering operation, ‘The Catering Dept’.

Still to be completely finished, the barn like setting will host up to 250 people, styled on good old fashioned Kiwi hospitality. Pitched as a mid market venue in CHCH post-Quake, White Tie have merely extended their catering operations. ‘The Catering Dept’ has been developed to provide a more casual approach, something a bit more rustic than the usual upmarket White Tie experience. Perfect for Xmas parties, weddings, or special events where people aren’t always after all the bells and whistles of fine dining.

Yet low end it isn’t. Certainly I was very impressed. The usual standard of attentive White Tie service remained, and the food was delicious. Good hearty kiwi favourites, done with finesse. Gourmet sausages and caramelised onions, classic green salad complete with egg & homemade salad dressing, bacon butties, awashed with good Stoke beer. That’s just after the nibbles!

A big thank you to Tina, Grant, Georgina, Tricia, Katie, Glenda and the team
You have won me over!