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Larissa & Ryan

Massive thanks guys for a great day, that was just easy. People often think weddings have to be stressful, but the reality is that most aren’t. I love working with great people, who are well organised, out get the job done, but also able to have fun. Having photographed for 18years now, this isn’t always the case. But when it does, hopefully the proof is in the pudding. We create great memories together because of being able to all work well together. So thank you Ryan and Larissa. I hope you love these.

I was particularly looking forward to our special location for many months, after finding it by accident during a pre-shoot reconnoitre. To find a derelict location FULL of old cars, is like a urbex photographer’s dream (urbex – urban explorer. Though to be fair, it wasn’t technically urban!). I was really excited to get stuck into seeing what we could come up with there. I hope you love these!