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Latest Award

Late last year, I was fortunate to hear that I had won a bronze place for a landscape image in an International Competition. Actually, my first ever international entry so I was pretty chuffed to get that feedback.

Though I have often say to students and clients alike, that awards themselves are funny things. Quite often photographers are intrinsically motivated, and can be sidetracked by how many awards they have, what sort, by who judged them etc…
The results can sometimes be several steps removed from ‘real’ or applied client work (not always I realise). The time and effort involved far exceed what is commercially necessary or what has been budgeted for.

Yet I am a firm believer that the benefit of awards lie not just in the cudos associated with individual images, but the wider intent demonstrated by the photographer. A photographer who is passionate about awards, is also passionate about their craft. Awards are a vehicle for creative exploration, and a practical demonstration of both vision and technique. Therein lies the benefit to clients, knowing they have an individual serious about their profession.