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Leadership & Innovation

With an election drawing ever closer, political rhetoric seems to be everywhere. My local National MP was on the roadside with her supporters waving banners at passing traffic at first light. The worm is even back on TV. Despite all the talk about what is best for the country, there are a number of private companies out there doing their best for NZ. I have shot for several in recent weeks where the knowledge economy, and calculated business growth, has been crucial to their success.

The first was at the Deloitte Fast 50 awards, with the national winner had a staggering 5280% growth last year. (Growth of that magnitude surely makes it a tough task to match or exceed next year ?!).

Powershop is a Wellington company, providing an online power broking service. While they topped the pool in terms of growth, many other businesses made the top fifty list with growth figures also in the hundreds of percent (and in the other top cases, thousands also).


Another was a Westpac Bank function for high achievers. Like the Deloitte Fast 50, common elements again prevail. Like many corporates, Westpac is a company that sets about rewarding excellence, supporting their staff, & celebrating success. I think when management nurture a culture that supports individual talent, innovation flourishes. Obviously behind the scenes this is backed by a clear strategic plan, and established core values.

A lot of political talk lately has concentrated on low income issues. At times it can be easy to forget just how we will create the funds to pay for many of the social solutions needed.

Good on these companies pushing growth in the higher end of our economy and providing leadership for our high achievers to flourish. I feel privileged in my job to have such an insight, and to work with such positive people.