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McKenzie Trip

Last week I was fortunate to be shooting in Queenstown and Arrowtown. I drove down, having first set the route on my GPS. Having full faith in technology I headed down via Waimate and the Waitaki valley – actually the first time I have been that way from CHCH. The trip was nice enough, but not the usual route I take through the McKenzie country. Coming home I decided to bypass the GPS, and just drive back the old way. There is nothing like the scenery pasted below to know when to ditch the GPS in favour of scenery. Here technology cant tell you what you know in your heart. Boy am I glad.

By the time I got back to CHCH I was wired. I had stopped no less than 30 times through the McKenzie Basin (you are right to note – there wasn’t any family on this trip!!!). I felt priveledged to be out in such spectacular countryside, with a such a neat job, in such a stunning country. I was stopping so often, sometimes only 100m apart, I must confess many of these shots were taken from out the car window (do I dare admit that??!!). My CHCH arrival was very very late, but I was excited. Wow!!!!!!! Please enjoy these as much as I did taking them, and bearing witness to the beauty that is the McKenzie basin.

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