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More Te Pae!

It really is a big step forward having Te Pae open hosting visitors to CHCH.  Initially there was much discussion the cost, then disruption with many build delays.

But this is all behind us now. Look what we have? A beautiful space that is in full use, attracting business and visitors to our city.

After the MEETINGS conference last week (trade event for Conference organisers in Australasia), Christchurch really does seem to be flavour of the moment, with a LOT of interest in what we have. Yes, it’s new and shiny, and everyone wants something novel. But we haven’t had this sort of interest for 12 years. There’s been a lot of excitment to build. When you see the facility and how it can be used, I think we will be of interest for some time to come yet.

Note the Cathedral rebuild in progress, dwarfed to the centre right.