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Murphy’s Law

I am a big believer in Murphy’s Law. That was pretty much the case this last week.

Last weekend was the first full weekend off without a wedding or other job. Having neglected the garden for some months, I figured it couldn’t be left any longer. What I thought might just be a couple of hours trimming, turned into two full days of toil. The result is a tidy property and a neat back yard. Yet rather than sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour, I have had the total discomfort of an infected hand. Despite wearing gloves, I must have been pierced by some nasty little barb hiding in the depths of our flora, right on the knuckle of my ‘trigger’ finger!

So what should have been a relaxing break, has turned into a painful and swollen experience, a double course of antibiotics, and two doctors visits. Just goes to show, if it can go wrong, it often will. Healing in time I bet, just before my next wedding!