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Mystery Sighting

I forgot to mention yesterday, I saw a very odd sight returning from the Mid Canterbury high country. It wasn’t till afterwards, driving through Mayfield, that I realised quite what I had seen earlier. At first I thought I had just seen a large cat on the roadside at Peel Forest. Yet the Panthers Rock cafe reminded that this area has been famous for nearly 10 years for the mysterious sightings of a large, lone, black cat.

Well, I can’t claim to know what this animal is. But whatever it is, I think I have just seen it. Bigger than a domestic cat, but not as large as a big dog, it had a large tail, and was jet black. I saw it bounding along the road verge just up from the Peel Forest motor camp.

Not everyday you see something like that huh?!

On different note, here is a panorama taken at Mesopotamia, looking up into the Rangitata headwaters (before it rained!).

High Country Pano