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New Site – What do you think?

Well, today has been the day. The day for a relaunch, freshen up and general lick of paint around this site.

It was getting a bit dusty, and a few bins hadn’t been emptied in a while. But with a spring clean, and a bit of mop round, we have a new web page all sparkly and fresh again.

Well I hope! That’s why I’d love your feedback. I’d be chuffed to know what you like, or don’t like, so please feel free comment.

For clients looking for prior galleries, these have now all been taken down in the spruce up (that includes a whole new platform and coding). Now before people get too sentimental, many of these had been up a while! Viewers looking for more recent galleries should have received plenty of notice from respective organisations that change was eminent. I have tried to make the transition as simple and predictable as I can. Yet I know there are bound to be some people who may have missed all communications (try as we might!), and may still wish to view photos. To the best of my ability, at a hectic time of year, I will do my best to help! Though please don’t be offended, as the time and cost involved does prohibit the re-instatement of many galleries that have exceeded the published order deadlines.