Oamaru Fishing Charter - Photoshots - the web folio of Tony Stewart.

Oamaru Fishing Charter

I had a neat day out on Sunday. With nine others, we headed out fishing on a charter boat. (Big thanks to Ted and Rob, Oamaru Fishing Charters).

Leaving the Oamaru jetty at 7am, the day couldn’t be any more perfect.
It was a break away from a busy work schedule, so I only managed a few shots that I will share here!


Back by 1pm, we had a full load of Sea Perch and Blue Cod. Great to fish 12 km out to sea, but only having to wind 45m of line.

Actually one of the things I enjoyed most, was the birdlife. I didnt have a telephoto lens with me, otherwise I would have loved to show you more of the albatrosses, mollyhawks, & gulls. Truly hypnotic to see their grace in flight.


Credit must also go to the ‘Paihia Bombs’ for seasick tablets that work a treat. You can buy these mail order from;
Paihia Pharmacy, 2 Williams Road, Paihia.
Ph (09) 4027034

Though for some, tablets probably wouldn’t have helped. There’s something about boys and fishing, that also involves copious amounts of beer!