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Olivia & Ken, Blenheim

To say we had a colourful day with Olivia and Ken on Saturday is pretty much bang on! The lads jackets pretty much tell the whole story – a bunch of laughs, with good friends, bright and bubbly, and not a lot of posy formal stuff!

With the ceremony and reception held at St Mary’s Convent in Blenheim, there would be few other places as salubrious where I have worked. It was a stunning location, with beautiful grounds and grand old rooms. Hard to imagine it was once the austere heart of worship.

Better still, while CHCH baked at a whopping 34 degrees, we had a comfy temperature with light cloud. That was perfect for photography, before we headed off to Brayshaw Heritage Park. You can see we didn’t take things too seriously, and we just hung out a boot full of props. I do think the garter might have been Olivia’s favourite!!