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Palm Kernel Anyone?

I had a shoot last week, that was quite a new experience. I had never seen palm kernel before, and I wasn’t really sure what it looked like, other than it is used a dried stock supplement imported from Asia. I was surprised how fine it was, and of it’s rich, heavy smell. Much like dark roasted coffee, or burnt malt. Slightly sweet, but very acrid. Nice at first, but then it becomes all encompassing  – very heavy and dense.

The bulk store where the kernel is brought in, has a mammoth pile that is handled by dozers. It is literally like a huge sandpit, that is smelly, dusty, dark and dirty. My hat goes off to the drivers, and storemen, who work there as this has to be a tough job. The photos below were taken at 3200 ISO, AFTER the worst of the dust had cleared from earlier activity.


_MG_6992 Palm kernal bulk store, Christchurch