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Yesterday I did it. I finally made it to B&H, New York. The largest camera store in the world.

If they don’t have it, if they can’t source it, it probably doesn’t exist. It really is a photographers Mecca. If not for the inventory, at least for the experience.

This is not shopping as we know it! You don’t just bowl up, and ask about the latest camera, and walk out with it from the counter like you would in any other store. A computerised conveyor tracks your request from the sales counter(s), to a warehouse, and colates all items for you. There are multiple departments each with their own specialties, spread over several floors, much like a conventional department store.

You collect sales dockets as your only physical contact, before heading to a separate payment counter (complete with queue dividers, and multiple tellers, much like an airline check in). Only after completing payment, do you receive your actual basket from the computerised inventory controller. A bit confusing at first, but totally cool. Add the whole Orthodox Jew component, and you have a surreal experience that nothing even comes close to in NZ.

It really is a photographers pilgrimage.
I was so overawed, I forgot my free gift!!