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Post Script to McKenzie Post

I also had to laugh at these two shots.
The first is the entrance to the Balmoral Army Training grounds at Tekapo. Everytime I drive past I chuckle at the state of security. Here is a short quiz!

Is our national defence;

a) not really an issue as we are a pretty honest bunch, knowing any upstanding soldiery type would naturally stop at the smaller sign as requested.
b) threatened only by cows (thus the cattle stop as main line frontier defence)
c) in fact open to anyone dumb enough to brave such a cold hole of a place, that they are welcome to come take their chances (& believe me, one of the coldest experiences I have ever had was on exercise here in winter many years ago). Thus the prominence of the ice warning sign, and nothing much about tresspassing and being shot on sight!

Balmoral Army Camp, Tekapo

Balmoral Army Camp, Tekapo

Of course how traditionally Kiwi is this?
(Without the fluro clubbing outfit that is!! Perhaps more Ibiza than Omarama?)