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‘Pursuit of Giants’ Film Release

I realise I hadn’t posted the ‘Pursuit of Giants’ clip previously, after we premiered this in Nelson last month. I’ve had a few people ask after it, so here it is! The Search for the Canterbury Cat, where nine photographers took to the Sth Is high country back in March this year.
This is the full film clip (~55min), with intermission, with some bloopers at end. Funnily enough we still have another couple of hours of blooper footage, some of which will be locked away forever  !!!
Great job Richard Wood.
Best viewed in HD in full screen mode.
Intermission is in real time, so feel free to skip forward.
(Please excuse my rather sore & unfortunate abcess, not ideal for filming!).
May contain bad language and hunting scenes.
Ok, does contain bad language and hunting scenes!
The video perhaps doesnt show the size / edge definition quite the same. But this was the size of paw prints found. And claw marks around the scat burial.