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Quake – 3 wks on

Just had a manic couple of weeks, with awards, NZIPP conference, & post-quake madness.
News on the former to follow later on. Though I thought these four photos were quite worth sharing.

CHCH earthquake photos
Chimney in Linwood all taped up. Of the surviving chimneys about town, this is a fairly common sight now.

Christchurch quake
Split in concrete on basketball court, Halswell School. In fact there is hardly a piece of unbroken concrete or asphalt in the place. All to plan though, part of the school plans to reopen for the start of term four, in a two weeks.

quake chch
Porritt Park astro-turf, Avonside. About $4m worth of damage to the surface due to fissures and liquifaction mounds.

news photographer
Bridge in Avonside devastated by the Sept 4th quake. Good job about the timing being so early in the morning, as imagine being on that when it hit.