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At risk of sounding like a blatant sponsor’s endorsement, I have to admit to being very impressed by the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

I was shooting last night at the NZ launch, so have had a sneak preview ahead of their massive media campaign in the coming days. Now, I have little time for Ford v Holden, Mac v PC type discussion (though have been a happy Mac user for many, many years!). Similarly, iPhone vs all others doesn’t really interest me either.

What I did find fascinating with the new Galaxy is just the complexity of what can be stuffed into such a small piece of electronics. We have reached the age where a phone truly is a lifestyle device in every aspect – from diet control, music player, daily organiser, fully functional camera, family album collater, translater…. oh, of couse and phone! The power of the technology blew me away. Everything from how its scans a business card and converts printed text directly into your address book, the multiple speaker capacity used when syncing several devices, touchless control, verbal language converter.

It really is a PC in your palm. Ummm, what is left to invent?


Samsung launch party

A tough night I know, hanging with the promo girls!